Worst Paintball Challenge

rap4 paintball challenge

RAP4 has a very special challenge for you: acquire the worst paint you can find, put it through a 468, and try to make the 468 fail. We're calling it the Worst Paint 468 Challenge, and it's open to everyone with a 468 and a sense for adventure.

Is there a brand that just won't run through your other markers? Some unlabeled stuff from a sketchy field, or some high-end super-brittle paint designed for tourney markers? Are you tempted by really dodgy, suspiciously cheap balls? Get an unmarked bag from a friend last year that's still in your closet?

Yeah...that's perfect.

In all his testing of the 468, he says he hasn't had the marker fail on serviceable paint - which is not to say quality paint, just the stuff that's mostly round and mostly dry (and even some stuff that isn't). We saw at Oklahoma D-Day how a 468, loaded with water-swollen paint straight out of a puddle, wouldn't chop - the Lok Bolt engaged before the balls broke. That's about the worst paint you can imagine, and though it didn't fire, it didn't get smashed either...and he was able to slip in a fresh magazine and get right back to shooting.

He even shot through a magazine of half-squishy paint that had been fully submerged, just to "clear it out."

Is your 468 that good? Will it shoot anything the Lok Bolt allows it to shoot? Will its Lok Bolt detect completely useless paint in time to save your 468 from creating a gooey mess inside its chamber, like Omar's does?

We bet it will...and want you to find out.

Then post to our Facebook page your results. Take a video of you shooting the cheapest, sketchiest paint you can scrounge up. We want to see if you can find a brand the 468 won't take.

We want to see if there's an odd lot floating around that is too bad for the famously reliable 468. And we want to see how, exactly, the paint fails.

Because if there's a way to break even the worst paint, we want to know about it...so we can engineer a solution. That's part of our dedication to quality for you.

So get shooting this weekend, and you might just find something surprising - the best paint for your 468. Now wouldn't that be some information worth sharing on our Facebook page, too?

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

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